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Scribble Shapers is a social skills focused shorter version of Draw Club for Early Learners ages 4-7. Zoom Classes meet

Th 2:00-2:30PM, Friday 10:00-10:30AM or 5:00-5:30PM

We draw GooTopia characters and scenes that help us to learn basic drawing techniques while diving into a super social skills that will help prepare your young student for success in school and life. Draw step-by-step, trace or color depending on ability.

Draw Club is all about...

•Encouraging everyone everywhere to draw

•Giving you the tools and techniques to draw well

•Building a safe, fun, worldwide drawing community

•Make drawing lessons affordable for everyone

Each class is stand alone, but also part of a 4-week theme. Classes are online so you can join from anywhere. When you sign up, a supply list, a Zoom link and JPG files of the lesson drawing sheets will be sent to you mid-week.

DRAW CLUB is a weekly drawing class where we explore all kinds of drawing styles and subjects together.

All times are EST. Price listed is per household, so all your kids can join Scribble Shapers for one low price!

Welcome to Draw Club...we can't wait to draw with YOU!