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Cartoon Services

Custom Cartoons

When a generic cartoon from the internet just won't do, you need something more personal to meet your audience head on. We create original strip or one-panel cartoons for newsletters, blog illustrations, holiday cards or anything else you can think of. We can imitate various popular styles, and if you don't know exactly what you want, we can help you think through what will make the biggest impact on your clients, employees and public.














Team caricatures are a great way to boost workplace morale...

or send that valued member moving on to retirement or new horizons off with love. Whether you're a business, a school, a team or a family, we can create a memorable gift for you. Pencil, ink, color...realistic, exaggerated, detailed or simple... just let us know what you're looking for, and send us a couple of pictures. We'll take care of the rest.

Whiteboard Videos

Explainer videos make your message clear, and cartoons can handle really complex messages in a simple way. Whether you need a whiteboard video for a trade show, ad, in-house training, or for an event, we can give you the style and look you need. We'll find you great music, and we'll add your voice or record one for you. Whiteboards are versatile and can be used on your site, social media posts, and clipped to add into presentations.


Sometimes you need more than a whiteboard. Animation can bring your mascot alive, show your process details, and make an emotional call to action.  Need a simple ad? Something to attract people to your social media and web sites? Want to set yourself apart from the others? We can help you create fun, concise messaging for any audience, platform or device.  


You've got a story to tell. Whether you're a professional studio or an individual, we can help you build a convincing visual progression in any style you need. We've been telling stories graphically for years. Commercials, shorts, features...even event storyboards and illustrations for keynote speeches, we can bring it to life for you.

Industrial Signs

Cartoons signs in your workplace help reduce waste by quickly reminding workers what each cell on an agile workfloor does. Signs can have caricatures of your faithful employees, images of the final product and a nod do your valued clients. They help make an otherwise drab industrial floor come to life with color and purpose. Multiple template styles to choose from or we can build a custom layout to fit your needs.

Book Illustrations

Writing a book? We can illustrate it for you. Whether you're developing a children's book or need illustrations for your novel or non-fiction project, pictures can help push you over into best-seller territory. We can help you create clean, efficient, cover-to-cover beauty and consistency. Have a few illustrations of your own already finished? We can mimic your art and help you get your book across the finish line.

Logos & Mascots

Nowadays you need branding more than ever. We do simple, straightforward logos and mascots that represent your business well, and we don't charge you thousands to do it (and we don't rely on a generic logo generator to keep prices down). These are custom characters and logos delivered as digital files. We won't hold you hostage for reprints and we don't upsell you with shirts and stationery and custom invoice printing.

Graphic Layouts

Cartoons have a special power to make just about any concept clear and interesting. Let us help you lay out your work flow, your process, your critical value-added proposition in a way that engages your existing clients and helps your first-touch customers understand what your offering quickly and easily. Each layout is custom to your unique project.

Vision Boards

Vision boards help define future goals and remind you of the experiences and values that have gotten you where you are today. Whether you're an individual, a team or a corporate entity, we'll create a layout around your vision in the style you choose. The process of creating your vision board with us and spending a few minutes each day with it will refine your purpose, renew your motivation, and encourage your success.

Live Event Drawing

People enjoy watching people draw. People enjoy pictures of themselves. And people really appreciate visuals that help them make sense of information overload. We can facilitate all three. Whether you want a mural drawn at your retreat, mini- caricatures at your national event, or someone to take graphic notes at your symposium, we can help make your to-do a colorful, intelligent, attendee-focused, visual smash.

Window Painting

Cartoon paintings grab attention, and getting people's attention isn't so easy these days. Whether you're decorating for a holiday or just letting the world know this month's promotion, window painting brings more people in to your business. Choose your theme, choose your wording, choose your timeframe, and we'll get it done for you...including removal when the time comes.