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What ages are the Draw Club classes for?

Draw Club is for kids aged 7-16

Could my 6 year old attend In-person classes if he or she really loves drawing?

We're always happy to make an exception, but a student must be able to stay focused on drawing for the whole two hour session, otherwise it's not fun for them and distracts other students.

Doesn't the large age range cause compatibility problems?

Traditionally, no. That's the great part about drawing. Ages, drawing styles, and talent levels tend to migrate toward each other at different tables. Within the bigger Draw Club, we have several small groups, and most of the time we all just have a good time drawing together.

Do you have adult drawing classes?

We're working on Draw Club activities for multiple age groups including Early Learners, Older Teens/Young Adults, Adults and Seniors. Stay tuned.

How do we pay for classes?

Traditionally, students bring cash or checks to each session. This year we can accept Paypal and Credit Card payments on our website as well.

Can I pay for multiple classes?

Certainly. If you pay ahead, your extra payment will be marked on an attendance chart and checked off as your student attends. We'll let you know when the amount is nearly depleted.

What if I forget to bring my payment?

That happens. If we can't do it another way (Paypal, credit card), we'll just mark the missed payment down on the attendance chart and collect it the next time your student attends.

Do we have to come every week?

No. Only come to the classes that interest you (see schedule above). It is helpful to come to all the sessions of a particular series (ie. Comic Book Month), but not at all necessary.

What if my student can't be at class, but really wants to do that week's lesson?

This year we'll be doing the Draw Club sessions on Zoom as well as in person. We're also putting all of our lessons online for the week following the class. If you want to work on that lesson, but can't attend in person, we'll send you a code to join by Zoom or access the session when we receive your payment.

What if everything shuts down again? Will there be Draw Club?

Things like this are bound to happen. If we experience shutdowns due to virus concerns again, Draw Club will continue online at its regularly scheduled time. We've been building a studio that will allow us to record Draw Club sessions and share them with you in real time and as archived recordings. We'll make online payment options easy and give you online access to the live session and recorded lesson for a whole week.

Is it safe to meet in person during this pandemic?

So far it seems so. Our studio improvments allow for more spacing and air flow, and we'll have plenty of masks, sanitizer, wipes and a temperature checker available. If mandates change, we'll evaluate and determine how to best move forward smartly and safely.

Do we have to share our work?

It will be encouraged  but never required. Everyone's work is their own and we don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable. That said, it is our experience that with a little nudging, most kids love to have others see their work and get positive feedback.

What if my kid is kind of a loner?

Many are. Drawing is often a solitary activity anyway. You arent' forced to work with, talk to and share with others, but again, after a little time in Draw Club we've found that the community element to drawing appeals to most students.

What is the materials/supplies fee for?

All students receive folders to keep their work in, plus all the tools necessary for class (pencils, pens, printed sheets, rulers, markers, colored pencils, erasers...oh, and membership cards)

Is the semester materials fee per student or per family?

The fee is per student, however if it is a problem for you to pay $10 per student per semester for materials we will work with you to make it fit your budget.

My student was in Draw Club last year...is this year going to be the same thing?

Yes...and no. We will have the same lesson disciplines, but the exercises change up and your student will be working on developing skills in that area even further. We have had kids in Draw Club 6 years straight and their improvement over that time is incredible.

Are there any scholarships for Draw Club?

Currently, no. But hopefully soon. There are learning partnerships that can help (see above: Project Based Learning)

Grand Rapids

Thursdays: 1676 Viewpond Dr SE #9B

1-3 PM: During School/PBL

4:20-6:15 PM After School


Welcome to Draw Club!

Drawing is great for the mind and lots of fun to do with others. Every week during the school year we explore new drawing exercises together with others who love to draw! Ages 7 and up

Downtown Holland

Fridays: 15 W 6th St

1-3 PM: During School/PBL

4-6 PM After School

$10 per student, $5 each

additonal student in the same family

$10 materials fee per student per semester

All fees collected the day of class

Drop-In Price


If you live in West Michigan and would

like funding to attend Draw Club as a

Project Based Learning (PBL) class

through the Hamilton or Saugatuck

learning partnerships, please contact

them directly to sign up:

Hamilton Home School Partnership

Jill Deters: jdeters@hamiltonschools.us

Saugatuck Shared Time

Liz Wilson: ewilson@saugatuckps.com

A $10 out-of-pocket materials fee will be assessed per student per semester

Project Based Learning

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The GooGenius Suite

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15 W. 6th St

Holland MI 49423

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GooGenius Draw Club Daily Draw

Draw Club has a YouTube Channel!   Every day we do a small, free drawing together. These aren't as in-depth as our lessons, but they give us time to focus more on how to draw specific things.

If you've never attended Draw Club in person before, watch one of these and you'll get an idea for how our tutorial time at Draw Club sounds and feels.

Growing Draw Club Online

It's a slow process but we are methodically getting to the point where Draw Club can be available to everyone! Below is our new stage and presentation area built and equipped by a grant from Michigan Women Forward. The goal is to begin streaming Draw Club everywhere in fall 2021, but we'll be experimenting all year.

People learn in lots of different ways. I believe cartoons are an awesome gateway to learning, so every week on Draw Club Online we'll be trying to do something fun and a little offbeat to relate our drawing exercise to broader academic learning objectives.

Drawing can connect us to just about everything by helping us to visualize it more clearly...nature, science, math, writing, humor, religion, relationships, archtecture, storytelling, politics, idea development and so much more.

Introducing our New Apprentice: Megan

Megan attended Draw Club in the 2018-2019 school year and proved herself to be an excellent illustrator and solid storyteller. She will be helping in Draw Club to guide the larger projects that Draw Club veterans and older students will be working on while I format the basic skills for the newer students.

Megan will also be learning different aspects of the cartooning business every week so that she has a well-rounded idea of what it takes to make a job in illustration work.

Draw Club is always looking for bright, motivated apprentices to help mentor and grow into successful artists and business people. Megan is going to rock it! Maybe you can too...let us know if you're interested in working toward an apprenticeship.





May 27  Grand Rapids  (1-3PM or 4:20-6:10PM)

May 28  Holland & Online  (1-3PM or 4-6PM)

It's the last week of Draw Club this school year! Let's wrap it up with some serious

fun drawing JAM COMICS! Creativity ensues! See how much you can get done and how much fun it is to collaborate on

a fun project with others!


Not near our locations? Not comfortable with in-person classes? Join our online stream on Fridays from 1-3PM or 4-6PM. Same price, and you get to draw from the comfort of your own home!

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•Send you PDFs of the lesson sheets on Thursday night so you can print them for Friday's class

•Send a Zoom invite Friday